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Welcome to the Hacking Your Health Podcast

Welcome to the Hacking Your Health Podcast. A single source, a bullshit-free guide to understanding how to hack body, mind, business, and beyond. Hosted by Ben Canning and David Kennedy, two individuals trying to help others focus on themselves and for their journey to live longer. This is a weekly podcast, and we’ll be covering a vast array of topics to arm you with the right tools to make a permanent change in your life moving forward and for the better.

This podcast really started when Dave joined Ben’s BC Training family. Ben is a personal trainer focusing on helping others get to their desired goals. As our relationship grew into a friendship, our goal is to reach as many people as possible with our successes and to help others to hit their desired outcome with their minds, body, and life. We want to hit a vast array of topics, give you an understanding of the science of your body, and arm you with the necessary tools to be successful. No diets, no bullshit, just straight success and unique approaches to fixing your habits. We will have guests on frequently including experts in their own areas, and others that have undergone a transformation for the better.

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Watch us regularly on our YouTube Channel, follow us on Spotify, Apple, and various other platforms! These will be posted weekly when we release new episodes. Click the “Follow Us On YouTube” link below to view all of the various podcast episodes. We will keep the very first episode here as a static placeholder. If you are looking for other videos/audio versions of the podcast, click on our channel to find the channel you want.

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About Ben and Dave

Ben Canning

Ben is a personal trainer and founder and CEO of BC.Training. A personal training fitness organization that assists both men and women to reach their desired goals and hit their maximum potential. Ben works with a number of clients worldwide around physical fitness, healthy lifestyles, and mental health.

David Kennedy

David is the Founder and CEO of two global cyber security companies TrustedSec and Binary Defense. David is considered a world-renowned cyber security expert and has testified in front of Congress, is frequently on national news organizations, and enjoys fitness and hacking his own mind and body.