Ever thought a robot could make yard work fun? In this week’s episode of the Ben and Dave show on Hacking Your Health, we kick things off with some personal updates. Ben shares a heartwarming story about his journey from coaching at a gym to potentially owning one, a testament to his growth and perseverance. Meanwhile, Dave’s new robot lawnmower, Moses, becomes the unexpected star of his week, turning what could have been a mundane chore into a delightful experience.

Transitioning from lawns to lats, we venture into the world of back muscle development and the coveted V-taper. We get into the nitty-gritty of achieving well-defined lats and the pure joy that comes with pull days. With a focus on mind-muscle connection, we shed light on how this vital aspect can transform your workouts and enhance muscle engagement. Our discussion also meanders through the debate over whether rear delts should be part of back or shoulder routines, and the role of traps in creating a balanced physique.

Finally, we dive into the realm of nutrition and supplementation. From the benefits of high-calorie weight gainer supplements to the game-changing Redcon1 Cluster Bomb for intra-workout energy, we share our personal experiences and preferences. As we prepare for a brief hiatus to revamp the podcast, we reflect on our journey and the constant commitment to bringing you better content. Join us as we wrap up with insights on maintaining energy levels, the significance of consistency, and our excitement for what’s to come in August.

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