Are you ready to journey into the deepest recesses of your mind, to tackle the anxieties, addictions and unhealthy habits that have been holding you back? Join us on this transformative journey with our esteemed guest, Allison Melkie, a licensed professional counselor. Allison brings her wealth of experience in helping individuals overcome struggles such as depression, addiction, and panic, to our discussion.

We delve into the unique challenges of the tech industry, such as social anxieties, imposter syndrome, and even the struggles of maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst long work hours and a demanding work culture. We also explore the science behind physical and emotional hunger, and how you can establish healthier eating habits. Plus, we share insights into facing our fears, finding the right support system, and the benefits of exposure therapy in reducing stress.

Lastly, we tackle the ever-complex topic of diet culture. We emphasize the importance of having a plan, of understanding the power of consistency, and of enjoying the journey toward a healthier lifestyle. We break down the cycle of shame that often accompanies emotional eating, and discuss strategies for managing stress levels. Plus, we shed light on the importance and benefits of seeking professional help. So come, let’s embark on this journey of discovery and transformation together.