Ever wondered if the range of motion in your workout really influences performance? Or, if you stop training, will your hard-earned muscles actually turn into fat? Join us as we unpack these myths and more, tapping into the latest research and insights in the world of fitness and nutrition. From the importance of individualized advice to the value of squat depth and the debate on partial vs full range of motion, we leave no stone unturned. And for those who think fitness is all about pumping iron, we also navigate the importance of humility in the industry and dispel some preconceived notions about fitness enthusiasts.

Think training is a solo journey? We beg to differ. In fact, we’ve turned our own coaching journey into a thrilling weekly competition, complete with stats, progress photos, and a voting system. Hear about the excitement, the challenges, and the surprising lessons learned along the way. Our very own Ben also shares his enthusiasm for his upcoming Belfast event and how it’s set to redefine attendees’ training intentions.

In our final journey, we dive headfirst into the complexity of weight loss, and the revolutionary work of Moderna and Wagovi in this field. Discover the importance of resistance training for longevity and the role of weight lifting in preventing muscle loss. Should you stretch or not stretch before a workout? We’ve got the answers. We also dispel the myth that women will get too big and bulky if they lift weights. So, tune in for a hearty discussion on everything fitness, longevity, and breaking misconceptions. Join us as we uncover valuable insights and redefine what it means to be fit!