Ready to rethink everything you know about nutrition? Buckle up for an enlightening exploration of the impact of whole foods, processed foods, and ultra-processed foods on our bodies. We delve into the differences between these food types, the importance of nutrition, and the power of constructive feedback with the help of our hosts, Dave and Ben.

A journey awaits as we investigate how the food we consume affects our health, aging, and overall wellness. We explore the potential dangers of chemically-altered food, the myriad benefits of consuming whole foods, and the influence of plastics on our health, guided by the fascinating research conducted by Dr. Shanna Swan. But it’s not all about food! We also venture into the world of business and entrepreneurship, honing in on the sacrifices needed for success.

Finally, we delve into the balancing act of juggling business and family obligations, highlighting the importance of a robust support system. We share insights on expanding your community and team, and how this can positively influence your journey to success. Join us as we navigate these intriguing topics, with the goal of helping you think better, live better, and achieve more.

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