Ever wondered how a simple technique like micro needling could effectively combat hair loss? Strap in for a journey of intriguing discoveries as we shed light on this promising procedure and its potential to stimulate hair growth. Alongside sharing my personal experiences, we’ll delve into the science behind micro needling, discussing how it increases blood flow to the scalp, thereby encouraging hair growth.

Switching gears, we’ll reminisce about the warm and memorable Thanksgiving experiences, from the scrumptious dishes that graced our tables to the joy of spending time with our loved ones. As we navigate through this episode, we’ll also discuss the exhilarating, challenging, yet rewarding path of entrepreneurship. We’ll touch upon our business growth, team expansion, and the significant role that each team member plays in taking our venture to greater heights.

But there’s more! Our Discord community is all set to experience an adrenaline rush as we prepare to roll out exciting challenges and webinars. Let’s talk about the development of a scoring app that’s geared to help individuals assess their overall health. Furthermore, we’ll emphasize the importance of mobility and consistent progress in fitness and introduce you to a former Olympic gymnast who will provide regular mobility trainings. So, tune in and kick-start your journey to making small but significant changes in your life for the new year.

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