Ready for a reality check? What if we told you that holiday indulgences and maintaining your fitness progress aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive? This episode is a treasure trove of practical insights, where we delve into the fascinating concept of “banking calories”, which may just be the secret to guilt-free feasting without stalling your fitness journey. As we share our own progress, we underscore the importance of cultivating personal goals and persisting in the face of criticism and obstacles.

This fitness-focused chat is more than just calorie counting. We also unravel our experiences with iron deficiency, and the surprising benefits of grounding for improved sleep. We even introduce you to our new workout companion, the innovative Tonal equipment. Don’t let the slim design fool you – this space-saving machine packs a punch and turned our initial skepticism into genuine admiration. We also explore calorie biking, a sustainable approach to weight management that lets you enjoy your favorite treats without derailing your diet.

Lastly, we share our dietary explorations, from experimenting with the carnivore diet to imparting healthy habits to our children. Is there a winner between intermittent fasting and caloric restriction? You’ll have to tune in to find out. We also provide valuable tips on how to effectively bank calories, a method that not only helps maintain a healthy relationship with food but also makes for a more joyous and guilt-free holiday season. So get ready to redefine your fitness journey and enjoy a slice of that holiday cake without the guilt.

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