Have you ever found yourself surrounded by dolphins on a scuba diving adventure, or challenged yourself to push past your limits on a one-mile run? That’s exactly where I, Dave Kennedy, take you in our latest episode, blending heart-pounding stories with a deep dive into health optimization. We’ll explore the surprising benefits of GlyNAC for mitochondrial health, the art of timing your supplements, and my personal journey to crushing my latest fitness goals.

Join Ben and me as we unravel the psychological tactics that can make or break endurance feats, drawing parallels to the tenacity of Navy SEAL training. Discover the power of a “with or without you” mindset that’s propelling the We Hack Health community to new heights. Plus, get a good chuckle from our offbeat Xbox Series X escapade, showcasing that even in a world of health and fitness, we’re all human and a little humor goes a long way.

Wrapping up, we take a candid look at women’s health, demystifying the complexities of diet’s impact on menstrual cycles and hormonal balance. We then pivot to debunking common myths about fasting, muscle building, and creatine—all while providing actionable insights. Whether you’re a health enthusiast or simply looking to better understand your body, this episode is packed with knowledge to empower your wellness journey. So, lace up your running shoes, grab your water bottle, and tune in for an episode that’s as informative as it is entertaining.

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