Strap in for a ride through the whimsical world of Disneyland coupled with the grit of health and fitness! Dave Kennedy and I, Ben Canning, take you behind the scenes of our Disneyland adventure where we tackle everything from the technical trials of on-the-go podcasting to the physical and mental rigor demanded by a fitness lifestyle. We’re not just talking about our recent MSP Geek Con escapade and the lifting camp that had us powering through the Murph workout; we’re diving into the real commitments of nutrition and consistent check-ins that keep us on track. Join us to hear how we balance the enchantment of Disney with the discipline of weightlifting.

Ever wondered what goes into launching a supplement brand that can go toe-to-toe with industry giants? We’re peeling back the curtain on our journey to create a line of protein powders and pre-workouts that tantalize the taste buds while packing a nutritious punch. From tackling flavor engineering to blending organic ingredients that have the powerlifting community buzzing, we’re pouring every ounce of our passion into these formulations. Plus, get the scoop on our foray into nootropics designed for sharp focus without the jitters. It’s a tale of trial, error, and triumph that’s shaking up the fitness world.

Lastly, we’re bringing the heat with a deep dive into the science of strength training. If you’ve ever grappled with the elusive balance of training for strength versus size, this is the episode that could crack that code. I’ll share my pursuit of the 1200 pound club and the insights gleaned from combining strength and hypertrophy training that could revolutionize your gym game. With a nod to the legends like Jay Cutler, we explore strategies for maximizing muscle gains and strength, proving that with the right approach, you too can make monumental strides in your fitness journey.

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