Struggling to create a tailored training block that fits your unique needs and goals? We’ve got you covered. In this bonus episode of Hacking Your Health, we, Ben and Dave, share our insights on designing personalized training programs that can help you achieve desired outcomes while considering your available equipment and time constraints. We also discuss the importance of focusing on specific body parts to bring up and the general rule of thumb for training volume per muscle.

Do you want to improve your deadlift strength and technique? Join us as we explore various techniques for enhancing weaker areas in your deadlift. Learn from our experiences in building up lower back and shoulder areas with exercises like rack pulls and deadlifts, which have allowed us to work around prior injuries and ailments. Discover the benefits of incorporating pause deadlifts, block pulls, lighter weight and higher rep ranges, RDLs, bandit deadlifts, and grip strength into your training routine.

Lastly, we dive into workout planning and balancing cardiovascular goals. We emphasize the importance of finding the right balance between varying your program and staying consistent with your training. Listen in as we strategize how to split up the days of the week and focus on back strengthening, all while taking advantage of the equipment and time available to create a training plan that works best for us. Don’t miss this insightful conversation on hacking your health and optimizing your fitness journey.