Ever faced an injury that derailed your fitness routine? Ever felt trapped by societal expectations to mask your emotions? Today, my co-host Dave Kennedy and I share personal experiences about injuries, emotional intelligence, and maintaining long-distance relationships. We highlight the necessity of listening to your body and choosing the right footwear to prevent injuries. We also share our own struggles with emotional intelligence and the impact it can have on relationships. This episode is a deep dive into the lesser-discussed topic of emotional expression for men. We share stories from our own lives, emphasizing the importance of expressing emotions for the health of our relationships and ourselves. From talking about the roles we play in our households to the power of friendship, we discuss the need to be open about our feelings and challenges. We believe that connection and honesty can strengthen bonds and break societal norms that often hinder men from expressing themselves. Lastly, we navigate the complexity of maintaining relationships over distance, drawing from our personal lives. We talk about the importance of emotional intelligence and the need to express your feelings to build a solid foundation. We also share experiences of how friendship and the courage to ask for help can anchor us in tough times. This episode is replete with personal narratives, practical advice, and insights – a candid conversation over a cup of coffee about hacking your health, emotionally and physically.