Hey there! Ever wondered what the real difference is between strength and size training? Or how to fully leverage your workouts to meet your goals? If so, you’re in for a treat! In our lively chat, we share behind-the-scenes anecdotes from our recent travels – from last-minute trips to London to unforgettable 4th of July celebrations. Travels aside, we get real about the fatigue that comes with repetitive exercises (like leg curls) and confess how we’ve been mixing things up.

Furthermore, we break down the science of full body splits versus targeted muscle group training and how beginners can effectively exploit this knowledge. Particularly, we uncover the secret behind hitting those muscle groups with the right frequency. But that’s not all – we also discuss the benefits of peptides for your overall health. Imagine getting all this value in one episode!

To round it off, we dive into the nitty-gritty of weightlifting – exploring how to optimize your routines with the equipment at your disposal. No need to guess anymore, we reveal the secret benefits of using Tonal for peak performance. Plus, we delve into the mechanics of weightlifting and how a trainer can demystify the process. We also debunk common fitness misconceptions, and discuss how I secured my PT qualification back in 2016. So buckle up and tune in for an enlightening discussion on achieving your fitness goals!