With our hearts filled to the brim with gratitude, we bring to you our monumental 100th episode, one that not only celebrates our journey but also the power of community, personal growth, and resilience. This episode is a testament to the adage that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In our case, it started with a small gathering of 6 individuals five years ago and has now evolved into a strong community of 25. We’ve moved from hotel events to more intimate Airbnb experiences, and every step of our transformation has been guided by the shared goal of leading healthier, more balanced lives.

You might be wondering what makes this episode so unique. It’s not just Kev Cody and Mike leading an organic, unscripted conversation, but it’s also the experiential wisdom shared by all members of our community. From our successes to our struggles, our wins, and our learning moments, we cover it all. We also delve into the transformative power of peer support, the importance of reaching out in times of need, and how these connections have enriched our lives. This episode is a glorious blend of personal anecdotes, community experiences, and the science-backed practices we’ve adopted to enhance our well-being.

Lastly, we unveil a fresh intro and outro to commemorate our 100th episode. We explore the importance of small dietary tweaks, the benefits of gratitude journaling, and how these simple practices can catalyze significant lifestyle changes. We also talk about the intimidating nature of success and the challenges that come with goal realization. Lastly, we emphasize the role of connection, support, and a sense of community in our personal growth paths. So, come join us as we celebrate this milestone and look forward to many more episodes of hacking body, mind, business, and beyond.